The Tribal Jewellery Trend – Top Tips For the Modern Ethnic Look

Tribal has been one of the buzzwords of recent times, as ethnic chic with a twist of modern has taken the fashion world by storm. The strong ethnic vibe has been a common theme on the catwalks in New York, Paris, London and Milan and it’s a trend that’s gathering momentum.New Era Jewellers | Best Jewellery Shop in Karachi Pakistan

And when the likes of John Galliano, Diane von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta are dabbling in the tribal chic look, you know it has hit the big-time.

So how does the tribal-inspired look play out in the latest jewellery trends? And what works and doesn’t when it comes to tribal jewellery?

o This season’s jewellery has a sense of humour. It’s fun and refreshing, daring you to take some risks with bold statement pieces buy gold in dubai. One of the best (and cheapest) ways to make a statement is with your accessories. And what better way to be bold than with tribal accents?

o So what kind of things are we talking about? Huge wooden beads, feathers, natural seeds, bright colours and organic-looking metalwork all make great tribal jewellery. But really anything that’s a little bohemian or gipsy will do the trick. This is a genuinely flexible jewellery trend where you can be creative.

o But don’t go over the top with the tribal jewellery look. It’s all about tribal accents made modern, traditional materials given a contemporary twist. You’re not suppsed to look like an ancient warrior. You want to be wearing exciting, conversation-piece jewellery that’s in harmony with the global village. For example, a cool blend of beads and metal is a winner.

o If you’re going for big statement pieces, it’s best not to go top-heavy. Shoulder-scraping earrings may not work with a massive oversized chunky necklace at the same time. Having said that, these pieces may work well on their own, so don’t be afraid of size, or even over-sized!

o Another word of warning: feathers can look tacky. And you should definitely avoid feathers caught from some rare bird – that’s not cool, especially as the ethical jewellery movement, which takes into account where jewellery comes from and how it’s made, is becoming one of those huge, defining jewellery trends that definitely isn’t forgotten next season.

Fair trade jewellery does producers a world of good. That’s what the advertisements tell you. But does ethical trade really make a difference? Surely a fashion necklace isn’t going to change the world? Should we really bother buying ethical jewellery?

Traditionally, the fine and fashion jewellery industry has focused on marketing its products by romance and emotion. You fall in love with a fashion necklace or a glittering ring and it makes a beautiful accessory for a party or wedding. Most often, it never crossed our minds where it was made and who created it.

This view is increasingly out of date, where any responsible person realizes that we are all part of one global community that is interdependent. Is that gold ring contributing to environmental degradation in Peru? Is your fashion necklace being made by a Bangladeshi child forced to work in intolerable conditions for a pittance?

Supply chains are becoming increasingly transparent. Before, the old attitude was ‘out of sight, out of mind’ but with globalization, the internet, cheap travel and Facebook, that’s no longer possible or desirable. Many more people are beginning to ask whether fashion jewellery companies that hide their supply chains are doing so for a reason

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