Water Fuel Cells to Take Us Into the Future

Stanley Meyer was determined to do something to protect his Country from Oil Embargos. Meyer is reputed to cheap have said that if you run out of “Gas” (water), and dont have any freshwater, then use snow, if you don’t have any snow, then use saltwater, because saltwater doesn’t have any adverse effects on the fuel cell. Meyer claimed that he could run a 1.6 liter Volkswagen Dune buggy on water instead of gasoline. He replaced the spark plugs with “injectors” to spray a fine mist into the engine cylinders, which he claimed were electrified at a resonant frequency .MJ ARSENAL - The Martian Original Blunt Bubbler - Ignite Barrie

Cars that run on water are still, technically, hypothetical. There has not yet been a car created that truly uses only water as its source of fuel. Cars emit a lot of dangerous chemicals that shouldn’t be in the air. We’ll need to find another way to turn the Hydrocarbon that’s stored underneath the ground in the form of Oil and coal into clean energy though. This is where HHO and a old technology of electrolysis of H20 becomes HHO.

HHO gas is converted from water , a catalyst, and electrical current. Water for gas is often the claim. HHO devices for cars are starting to get noticed and there is much talk about them in automotive forums. This technology has even been brought up in the news for improving gas mileage so there are people who are using it with

success to increase gas mileage. HHO is highly combustible. We recommend use of a “bubbler” between the HHO generator and the connection to the intake on your engine. Installing the hydrogen generator on my car had an unexpected result: the torque got bigger and the fuel costs drop with around 60% . Its a very easy to use system that doesn’t require technical experience. Install a water fuel cell in your car. This is maybe the best way to get a better fuel economy. There are many so-called experts selling various things online, so we put together a Water Fuel Cell

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