Lay Win, Place Or Show Bets With Online Horse Betting Systems

Usually when you play betting games in the casino, you play against the house. However, horse gambling does not entail wagering against the house. Horse betting games are based on parimutuel wagers. Parimutuel wagering involves betting against all other horse gamblers who are also wagering on that particular equestrian event.

The total money wagered on the horse race is collected into a large pool Daftar Slot Online
. The winning ticket holders split the full amount of money gambled on the race, after subtracting tax deductions and race track expenses. Nowadays, betting games commonly use electronic tote boards that aid quicker calculations.

Typically, a tote board is used at race tracks and sometimes evens at telethons. A tote board is a large electronic device with numeric or even alphanumeric display. It is used at race tracks to present odds for each horse. Tote board is an acronym for ‘totalisator’. The first electro-mechanical tote board was installed at Arlington Park.

Not many horse players are familiar with the history and background of parimutuel betting. The word ‘parimutuel’ implies ‘betting amongst ourselves’. The concept of parimutuel betting was initiated by Pierre Oller. Pierre popularized the idea of parimutuel betting in France and very soon, in the year 1887 this system became the lawful form of betting in the country. UK also adopted the parimutuel wagering system at all horse race tracks in 1927. US followed suite and established parimutuel betting as the legalized form of betting.

Since odds were not calculated with the help of computers or electronic computers back then, there was widespread corruption taking place at tracks. And thus, the American Totalisator Company, also known as Am Tote International was founded by Straus. He invented the Totalisator, an automated parimutuel betting system. It aids calculation of pay off odds as well as generates tickets based on incoming bets. The company’s first totalisator was set up in 1930 at the Pimlico race track.

Before you use online horse betting systems, you should have a brief idea about the basic wagering options that you can use for placing bets. ‘Win’ means horse must come first. ‘Place’ means horse must come first or second. ‘Show’ means horse must come either first, second or third

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