Scrap Car Crime

The chances are that you’ve heard plenty of stories in the news recently, about scrap metal being stolen. This is because when scrap metal prices are high, thieves will steal anything and everything made from metal if it isn’t tied down. In fact, so far this year, we’ve seen metal theft increase by 70 percent across the UK scrap removal in vaughan.

Of course, you might be thinking that this won’t affect you, but when you’re train has been delayed for hours because the cables have been stolen, it soon becomes quite an inconvenience! In fact, over the past three years alone, cable theft from railway lines has resulted in 16,000 hours of delays.

And it’s not just your train journey that can be affected. That old banger that once upon a time used to get you from A to B but now sits on your driveway rusting, might seem worthless to you but to a thief, it’s a goldmine.

Unlike new cars with their sophisticated alarms and immobilisers, older cars tend to have poor security measures, which make them an easy target for thieves.

And if they can’t get it started, some audacious crooks will even go as far as bringing tools so they can dismantle your old car on the drive way. That way they can select only the more valuable parts such as the catalytic convertor, leaving you to fork out for expensive replacement parts, if you ever needed to get it up and running again.

Not only does your old car take up valuable space, but there could already be an opportunist thief with his eye on it, planning to steal it and weigh it in as scrap. If you don’t think that you’ll ever get around to repairing it, look out of your window and if your old car is still there, why not consider getting it scrapped yourself?

Even if your car won’t start, there are companies out there who’ll collect your scrap car, tow it away to be recycled and issue a DVLA Certificate of Destruction to prove that you’ve done everything properly.Don’t let the cheeky crooks get the better of you. You should be the one cashing in on those high scrap metal prices, not them. So don’t wait any longer and do something about it today. That old scrap car could be more valuable than you realised; you could be looking at a tidy sum!

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