The Challenges of Black Powder Gun Hunting

The Challenges of Black Powder Gun Hunting


Long ago, hunters had to content themselves with black power guns that were a bit “unwieldy” to carry. It also gave only a single shot at a time to go along with the game. Today, hunting rifles are lighter, more accurate and they .458 socom ammo  have greater range capabilities. They are also more efficient in firing successively.

Some hunters, however, find today’s hunting less demanding and thus less exciting despite all the equipments and accessories available to make the hunt easier. More and more hunters are turning to black powder guns just to bring back the excitement of hunting.

Hunting a deer or any other kind of game is much more interesting when one has to rely mainly on one’s skills rather than the equipment. The use of black powder guns offers hunters the opportunity to bag a game or two through sheer skill and patience. This gives hunters a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be overstated.

You may want to think about adding a modern scope to the old rifle. The rifle is accurate by itself but it does not let you have the sight range you can have with a modern scope. This is why you will need to be very close to the animal before shooting it.

Black Powder Gun Hunting Challenges
Using a black powder gun for hunting is not easy. The number of things that the hunter must carry should be enough to discourage anybody. He needs to have the gun, gun powder, the patches, balls, loading ramrods, patch tubes and cleaning jags as well as solvent, balls and ball pulling worm.

There’s no way a hunter can travel lightly, considering that the gun alone should weigh no less than six pounds. Moreover, the fact that that the hunter is given only one shot or two at the most, depending on how fast he or she can reload to get his prey, means that he or she must be as near as possible to his target. Getting close to the prey is still another skill a hunter should possess.

His hunting paraphernalia can also carry scents that can drive the game away. He must also be extraordinarily patient while waiting for the right moment to move closer or to get the most from an appropriate angle, in order to achieve that effective shot.

Those who choose black powder guns for hunting should be well acquainted on the various types, uses as well as proper care and maintenance of these guns. They should make the choice of caliber, length, butt stock, sights and other essential components of the gun that can suit one’s specific needs. While reloading seems to be an intimidating task, at first, it becomes a routine after a few rounds of practice. Some black power gun hunting enthusiasts are even known to make their own bullets.


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