In the report of the National Sleep Foundation, 49 percent of Americans have sleep issues. It’s difficult for us to getting to sleep, remaining asleep, or both. Even though this has turned into an abundance of gold for pharmaceutical companies (notice the amount of commercials for sleep aids that appear on television late at late at night) but it’s not doing much to maintain our sanity. We require sleep. It’s the time our body restores itself physically and mentally and sleep deprivation can lead to severe health issues. So, are you going to keep taking pills or will you take action to resolve the issue? These suggestions will help.

1. Be careful eating

Have a lighter dinner at least two hours prior sleep liquid melatonin liposomal to going to going to bed. Reducing sugar cravings at night and stop late-night drinking.

2. Limit alcohol and caffeine intake

Even though a glass of wine might be relaxing for a while It’s more likely to have the opposite effect a couple of hours later. It also impacts sleep, so make sure to drink it in the morning if you drink any alcohol at all.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress in the body. Don’t work out late in the evening, as this can have the opposite effect.

4. Set up a routine for bedtime

Turn off the lights and you can read an inspiring book. Your brain will not be able to settle when you’re running around or watching news coverage that is a bit hefty. Are you ready to go for relaxation into bed, or the latest gossip on running for president?

5. Make use of your bed to sleep

Get into bed only when you’re at a point where you are ready to sleep. Make your brain aware that it’s time for you to shut down. Avoid working in bed or on television.

6. Buy a relaxation CD

A variety of audio programs can help you promote sleep. Look up Amazon and find something that you like.

7. Try natural supplements

A variety of safe and non-habit-forming herbal and homeopathic sleep aids can be found at your local health store, including bedtime tea and valerian root. You can ask the salesperson for help you choose the best one.

8. Find a mantra

Repeated phrases that are rhythmic help in calming your mind, so you can fall asleep. When all else fails, you can always make a list of sheep.

9. You should get up If you’re unable to sleep

Stop staring at the time. Sit on the couch or relax with some music or read. Retire to bed when you’re relaxed.

10. Reduce your stress

Find out about techniques for reducing stress and perhaps work with counselors or coaches to lessen your anxiety to ensure a stress-free night.

Robert Notter is a board-certified fitness and lifestyle coach. Based in New York City, he is able to work with clients across the world in person or via phone. His practice is focused on helping men reduce their anxiety, feel more energetic, create happier relationships, and feel better in their bodies.

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