Essence of the action-oriented films

The animated films are a pleasure to enjoy. They feature the same elements that make up a motion picture, but they are based on real-life events. They’re powerful and distinctive because they don’t contain real-life people or objects. Like motion-pictures that are real, anime movies are similarly long and tell a compelling story to justify the time. While anime films are from different genres, but we’ll focus on action anime movies in this article. The essence of the action-oriented films is so important that they’ve carved out their spot within the หนังAV  hearts of those who love anime. As my top anime advice to you, let’s discuss the top 10 action-oriented films that have been tagged as the best of the best by fans of anime and have since created the cult of them.


Imagine a film made in 1988, which is loved by fans all over the world and equally accepted by the new generation. Well, the movie Akira is what’s being talked about. Produced by Katsuhiro Otomo who wrote the manga with the same name. Akira is an epic science fiction and animation action cult movie, that is set in future-oriented Neo Tokyo. A secret military project creates psionics called espers, which can lead to the destruction of Neo Tokyo. The protagonist Akira was the very first and most powerful esper whose psychic power led to the destruction of Tokyo in World War III. The film is considered to be one of the best science fiction movies to ever be produced and is among the best action anime films.

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is an anime cult action film directed by Mamoru Oshii that is based upon the manga with the same name written by Masamune Shirow. It is set in a dystopian future it tells the story of Motoko Kusanagi, an official security officer from Section 9 assigned to track an unknown ghost hacker known as the “Puppet Master”. The search for a new assignment brings her to Project 2501, which was initiated by corrupt Section 6. This is what led to the creation of the antagonist. It is considered to be the benchmark for science-fiction movies and thus is tagged as one of best action anime films.

Vampire Hunter D – Bloodlust

The plot follows D, a bounty hunter employed to retrieve Charlotte, a young girl abducted by Meier Link who is a noble vampire. Based on the novel Demon Deathchase by Hideyuki Kikichi, this film was created. The film will please fans of anime who are into extreme action and demon-slaying action.

Ninja Scroll

The 1993 release of this animated Japanese action film was well-received. Ninja Scroll depicts the events of a bloody war, that takes place in feudal Japan with a ninja and the eight devils of Kimon. Yoshiaki Kawajiri wrote and directed the film. This anime film is well-known for its narrative style, which tells the story of Koichi Yamadera (a Ninja) who is inspired by Yagyu Jubei Mitchellsuyoshi a Japanese folk hero.

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is an action-oriented animated movie that will deliver plenty of action. Set in the late Muromachi period the story follows a young Ashitaka, the last prince of the Emishi tribe who wants to bring peace back between forest spirits and humans, who eat the forest’s resources. Princess Mononoke is widely regarded as one of the most action-oriented films to date. It was progressively the top-grossing film until Titanic came out later in the year.

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

A lot of anime enthusiasts are acquainted with the name “Cowboy Bebop” for the TV series, that ran through 1998-1999 and won the hearts of millions with its 26 limited episodes. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is based on episodes 22 to 23. It is a story of the crew of space bounty hunters assigned to the Bebop spaceship. They are tasked with the task of destroying an armed terrorist with a chemical weapon who threatens to wipe out the entire planet Mars. Produced by Shinichiro Watanabe and produced by Sun Studios, Cowboy Bebop is considered to be a classic in the world of action-oriented films.

Street Fighter II – The Animated Movie

Imagine turning the game you play into a film. The filmmakers behind this film made this happen by making a film basing itself on the well-known fighting game series of the identical name. Kenichi Imai wrote the story and Gisaburo Suugii directed the film. It tells the story of Ryu, a street fighter fighting a crime lord named Bison, who is bent to fight the most powerful fighters in the world. It has been a huge success and has been a source of inspiration for Van Damme’s live action film.


Appleseed is a computer-animated science fiction action movie featuring eye-catching animation, was created by Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell) fame. Deunan Kute is a former cyborg , who seeks peace with her partner, a cyborg named Masamune Shirow , in a post-apocalyptic Utopian town dubbed “Olympus”. The city’s population is made up of Bioroids (genetically modified duplicates) and human beings in approximately the same ratios. Artificial Bioroids have little emotion like anger or fear and were created to bring balance for the human race. However, certain groups are opposed to them and would like to upset the peace and balance once more. Appleseed as well as its sequel Appleseed Ex Machina Ex Machina are an absolute must-see for all those who enjoy action, science fiction and an epic soundtracks.

Sword of the Stranger

Sword of the Stranger is directed by Masahiro Ando and produced by Bones the studio that is co-producing the famous Cowboy Bebop – The Movie. The film follows Kotaro, a young boy and his dog when they meet Nanashi who is a retired ronin. They escape mysterious swordsmen who pursue for them due to unknown motives. Nanashi, who is determined not to draw his sword again, is in a dilemma between morality and commitment when he agrees that he’ll bring Kotaro to an undiscovered Buddhist temple. My top anime suggestion is Sword of the Stranger. It’s a masterpiece in the genre. Sword of the Stranger is an essential film for those who enjoys Samurai and Sword films with an atmospheric soundtrack and top-quality animations.

Fist of the North Star

The last film to make our list, but not the least, is Fist of the North Star. Like many other action-oriented anime, it is an adaptation of a manga of the similar name. The story revolves around Kenshiro the protagonist who sets out in search of his wife Yuria after being defeated by Shin his former friend. The film was directed by Toyoo Yashida, who also directed the first film of the Vampire Hunter D Series.

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