In what ways are e-Rigs and e-Nails better than traditional tools?

Butane torches, an inefficient and inaccurate tool, have been the traditional method used by dabbers to heat quartz bangers and nails from the beginning of the dabbing culture. When the torch flame is no longer in contact with the dab rig’s nail, the temperature drops rapidly. Your dab will taste weed grinder like plastic if you use a nail that’s too hot or too cold, and you won’t get as much vapour out of it if you use a nail that’s too cold. Torches also necessitate butane refills, which can be a costly item. When you utilise e-Nails and e-rigs, you won’t have to worry about running out of butane for your torch, saving you both time and money. That one friend that might not be the best pick to use a high-powered torch flame in your family’s living room is something you can all agree on.

Wax concentrates are most enjoyable when smoked at a specific temperature, which you can do by adjusting your heating apparatus. Electric Nails and Electric Rigs were designed to be torchless by using an electronic controller box that sends heat to the nail directly via a coil. One of the key purposes of these items was to eliminate the necessity of heating your nail with a torch. So, eNails allow you to vape with a nail that maintains a fixed temperature throughout your session for a consistent and precise vaping experience.

When using eNails, you won’t have to worry about unclean or burned residue accumulating because of their perfect temperature control. To do this, eNails and e-Rigs encourage clean, low-temp dabs (a dab taken at a temperature between 315°F and 450°F is called “low temp dabbing”). Low-temperature dabbing preserves the flavour and potency of your wax concentrates while delivering a smoother smoking experience than previous methods that used high-temperature torches. w

It’s time to wrap things up.

For the modern dabber, the many advantages of e-nails and e-rigs include the ability to dab without using a flame, precise temperature control, and portability like no other. Your glass bong isn’t quite ready to go, are you? Because of this, an eRig is your best option. Were you thinking about using desktop-style file ripping from any location? If this is the case, an eNail would be the most appropriate choice for you to choose.

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