Get more Massage Clients Part 1

Chances are, if you are a self-employed massage therapist you will never have enough knowledge, experience, or clients. Success in not guaranteed. You must always be willing to learn more, do more, and attract more. Committing to the ongoing process of professional education and practicing your craft regularly will allow you to get more massage therapy clients and if managed properly will lead to your ultimate success.

Market to the People You know and to the people They know – Because massage is such an intimate service clients prefer to receive this therapy from professionals they already feel comfortable창원출장 마사지.  with. Remember just about everyone can benefit from a therapeutic massage session. It’s your job to help them come to this realization. Explain to them the benefits of your work and the availability of your services. People that receive an endorsement from someone else are more likely to try your services.

Be Prepared- Always have your business cards handy and if you don’t have biz cards already get some for free by Googling “free business cards”. It is extremely important for you to provide a way for your potential clients to get in contact with you. Business cards should have your name, phone, number, address (if you have a location) and web address. Set a weekly goal of how many business cards you will hand out and do it! If carrying around a stack of cards is too cumbersome for you, consider text cards. Companies such as CONTXTS allow you to text your business card. Once you set up your free account, all your potential clients will need to do is send a text message to 50500 and just type in the keyword that you have chosen (i. e. “massagegirl”). They will immediately receive a text with your Business Name, Address, Phone number, Website, and whatever other relevant information you chose to include. Pretty neat, huh? Whether you use physical or electronic business cards make sure to use them. People can’t schedule an appointment with you if they don’t know about the wonderful service that you offer or if they can’t get in contact with you. Take the time to speak with the people you encounter daily such as fellow gym members, store cashiers, colleagues, church members, etc.

Use the web – Take advantage of the ability to connect with potential clients through social bookmarking sites such as My Space and Facebook. Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji, and My Spa Classifieds are free classified sites where you can advertise your services. You can choose to post your phone number on these sites are have potential clients respond to you through email only. Also, I recommend Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals newest networking site, Massage Professionals. This is a great community of massage professionals who are willing to share their experiences and advice with others. Unlike the aforementioned sites, self-promotion is strictly prohibited. However, the ability to connect with other like minded individuals makes this site a valuable resource for therapists.

Promote Your own Website- Having your own website will allow people to learn more about your services. Including a biography, pricing information, and appointment availability will answer the common questions potential clients have about you and your services. With the ease of technology these days creating your own website is relatively easy. There are numerous companies on the web that offer affordable web design solutions so get moving!

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