Using Professional XDCAM Disc System in Video Production Houses

The success of video production depends largely upon the quality of media products used for video-graphing. Today, a number of media houses consider using those technologies which can offer high storage capacity as well as can provide easy and faster ways for editing pre-recorded tapes. If your company is looking for advanced recording products, then consider using XDCAM disc system for your video recording purposes. Introduced in the year 2003, this professional disc carries the potential to satisfy the technological needs of many videographers all over the world.

The XDCAM Professional Disc uses stage production blue laser violet technology and is a single-sided rewritable disc. The disc with single layer carries the storage capacity of 23.3 GB and those with multiple layer offers 50 GB recording space. Since this optical format utilizes blue laser technology, therefore it allows high storage density as compared to other media formats like CD and DVD.

Some of the major benefits of using XDCAM disc system are mentioned below:

• It allows the flexibility of recording wide varieties of different video formats as data files.
• Files that are created by using Microsoft Word, Photoshop and other computer applications can be stored on the disc.
• The high storage capacity allows users to record high-quality data of longer duration. Disc with 23.3-GB storage capacity offers recording time of 45 to 80 minutes according to the bit rate used by the videographers.
• It provides easy transfer of data from single optical head unit to dual head deck. Moreover, it allows steady recording and playback of data having high bit rate.
• XDCAM media products include non-linear editing feature to enable users in editing audio/video contents arbitrarily, irrespective of the time required to access the recorded files.
• A major advantage of using this professional disc is that it can be used for a number of times. This optical disc format can resist dust, scratches, heat, humidity etc and hence, acts as an ideal media storage product in harsh environment.

After getting snippet about XDCAM disc system, if you have made your mind to purchase it for your video production, then consider searching reliable distributors of XDCAM media products. In order to serve professionals associated with photographic and AV equipment markets, a few wholesale distributors have started to offer the opportunity of shopping media storage products online. You can spare out some time to find those ecommerce websites related to media storage products and enjoy purchasing of your desired items as per your choices and budget.

You can analyze the positive difference in your work after using XDCAM disc system. Buy one for your upcoming video recording project!



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